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Scopus Conference List 2017-18

Academicians, researchers, post-graduates and industry practitioners will get a meaningful platform where they can easily share unique insights and ideas for development. This platform will offer the best opportunity to drive innovation. The participants will be able to expand their contact networks on this platform. With such strategic collaboration, the participants can together bridge expertise of different disciplines and available resources which will help to make stronger movements. Aim of this international conference is to address the long-standing issues and provide endless possibilities. Open and direct discussions with the key experts will offer the best pathway to update quality R&D that in result will bring the opportunity for incredible development in different fields.

Get your name enrolled for the Scopus conference list 2017-18 if you aim to publish your research paper! There are possibilities for your research paper for achieving esteemed publication. ICISDSMT brings authors and journals to the same platform and ensure research work of high-quality for publication. The research papers will undergo peer review process which is an initiative to ensure recommendation for publication with the Indexed journals as per the varying requirements and publishing policies of the participating journals.

Get Your Research Papers Indexed and Turn it Apt for Publishing

Attend this conference with journal publication 2017-18 if you aim to get your journals indexed. Indexed journals will ensure the quality and turn it applicable for publication. At this conference everyone can share innovative ideas and thoughts regarding the tech advancements and the sprouted issues. You will also get open suggestions from the key experts in respective fields which will help to update your skills. Feel boosted to share your insights and innovative ideas and take a major responsibility to shape the world of future!