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How you can promote Upcoming International conference 2019

Upcoming international Conference 2019An International conference is a huge gathering of people from around the world. Promoting such an upcoming international conference 2019 is not an easy task to perform. Promoting is a very vital part of arranging an International conference. It is how you promote, the same way you get the response. Promoting an International conference has many ways now-a-days. Here are some of them:

Promoting through social media:

Social media today has become a main stream of communication. Posting as an event or just creating a page for the upcoming International conference 2019 in the Facebook can promote it well. The same way you can tweet the message and promote through Twitter. You can also promote through other social media.

Promoting through YouTube:

Creating a YouTube channel, and posting a video promoting the Upcoming conference 2019 can also work well as people visit YouTube channels and subscribe them. It will also be faster than other promoting techniques.

Promoting through E-mails:

Sending e-mails in mass will work miracle in promoting an International conference 2019

Sending alerts:

Sending alerts to your subscribers is also a good idea to promote your Upcoming International conference 2019. These alerts must be time to time so that it can make them remember about the conference and they will not miss it.

Search engine paid marketing:

Now a days advertising in search engine is the best platform to promote your business, event, products in front of Global audience and reach your targeted audience according to your interest. Choosing Google, Yahoo, Bing paid ads to promote upcoming International conference 2019 is also not a bad idea. Promotion through different search engine paid ads can also be done.


The conference can be promoted to international audiences by communicating with organizations that have their employees in different other countries. They can be professional institutions or multinational companies or any other organization.

Highlighting the features:

An International conference has many things in it to highlight such as the subject area, the delegates, the venue, the speakers, the comforts and several other things that attract the audience. These things can be highlighted in the promotion process to make the event more successful.

These were some effective techniques for promoting upcoming International conference 2019. These techniques can also make the 2019 conference fruitful and make it a huge grand success.

Workshop at Engineering Colleges – An Opportunity to Learn and Practice Important Things

Workshop at engineering colleges are getting popular day by day. More and more engineering students are showing their will to register for a workshop related to their subject of study. As a result of this we are observing a high number of engineering workshops are being organized by various technical colleges and universities. It’s a good news that our college SSIPMT, Raipur is also going to organize a workshop that will benefit to each participants. Yes, along with the conference ICI-SDSMT-2017, we have also scheduled for a Workshop named as SPSS FOR DATA ANALYSIS Workshop.

Workshop at Engineering Colleges

Workshop for Engineering Students

This kind of workshops help engineering students to learn and practice new things. The workshop is helpful t know about the rules & the proper ways to do things. You will practice in a healthy environment and under the guidance of a well known trainer. This provides you a good opportunity to clear your doubts and make your practical experience more sharp.

Workshop at Engineering Colleges

Organizing a workshop in an engineering college makes it easy for the students. They feel things familiar and they can observe the difference between the college lab and a Workshop environment. It makes them feel comfortable to learn with colleagues and inside the college. So it’s a good choice to select the engineering college as the workshop venue.

Workshop at Engineering Colleges

Importance of Workshop Practice for Engineers

The world is a changing planet and we can’t live here being unchanged. Same principle applies to each and everything on the planet and also to our study and work. We are not following the ways we were working a decade ago. We have changed the methods and made it simpler than before. So we have to change as per the changes going on. In engineering workshops we learn different new things, new and simpler ways to do things. We stop using those outdated methods and follow the latest ones. So, a workshop practice is not only important for engineering students, but also for engineers. It helps them to stay updated with the technology change.


From these above discussions, it’s clear that joining a workshop is one of your best decisions. So, pack your bags for our upcoming workshop for engineering students (SPSS Data Analysis Workshop). This workshop is going to be held on 25th March 2017 at Shri Shankaracharya Institute of Professional Management and Technology, (SSIPMT) Raipur, Chhatisgarh, India. Get the complete information about this SPSS Workshop at official workshop website –